Benefits of in home child care

In home child care

It is every parent’s desire to spend as much time with their children as they grow up and to be as much a part of their world as possible. But as lovely as that sounds, and as desirable as it is, it may not always be possible. The child will require adequate provision for everything they will ever need in life and that translates to money. Child care thus becomes a great necessity to enable the parents and guardians to work and provide all that the child needs.

Parent seeking the best choice to make for their children should consider a lot of variables such as their child’s personality, their age, any medical condition they may have, the facility or the person they will be leaving their child with and so many others.

The following are some of the benefits of having your child in an in home child care;

– The setting in an in home environment is by far less chaotic and much quieter than a daycare facility, thus it provides an environment for growth that is familiar for the child.

– Those providing the care in in home child care will usually be handling fewer children at a time thus they can give more personalized and individual attention to each child. This way, any anomaly or a matter that may be overlooked when there is a larger group can be quickly recognized and notified to the parents.

– The turnover rate in home child care is usually very low; therefore the parents can build a long-term bond with the providers that can extend long into the child’s life.

– Scheduling, which is an important aspect as a child grows up is made easier and more practical with in home child care. The personal and hands on care provided for the child allows the parents to have peace of mind even when they are away at work.

What works for your child therefore should be carefully selected to ensure the best interests for the young one are catered for.


How I learned I was pregnant

I was on the verge of giving up hope that I would ever be pregnant and have a child of my own. I had earlier been diagnosed with a case of severe PCOS on both ovaries. According to my gynecologist, it was almost impossible for me to conceive without medical help. I was put on medical care for 6 months but there was no improvement. As if that was not enough, a year later; I was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes. I was then advised to consider having my ovaries drilled to enhance ovulation. Just a month to my surgery appointment date, the unexpected happened.

I missed my period. Because of my condition, I sometimes missed my period by a day or two. When this happened, on the third day, it would always show up, much to my disappointment. Many are times when I would break down in the toilet as I discovered my panty soiled. There is nothing I wanted more than to get pregnant. This time when I missed it, I did not pay much attention as I attributed it to my deteriorating condition and the fact that I had traveled. I was putting up at my mum’s; it was my annual leave. On the fourth day after my period was due, I entertained the thought of getting a home pregnapregnancy testncy test kit and I actually did. On the fifth day, early in the morning, I peed on the stick and Walla! – two lines. As I did not want to build false hopes, I decided to get another kit and test again the following morning. All through the day, I was scared of going to the toilet imagining I would encounter a huge mark of the unwanted big P.

The test the following morning was still positive. I did not wait to confirm with a hospital. My major task then became spreading the much awaited news. Interestingly, I had held up the news that my period was late from my husband afraid of raising his hopes for the umpteenth time. Now that I knew I was pregnant, I had a beautiful surprise for him. So I took a photo of the stick and Whatssup’d him with the message: Guess who’s gonna be a daddy! How he wasn’t surprised, I do not know. He was over the moon with joy. However, he exclaimed that he knew I was pregnant long before I found out. Why do men say this? How do they know? Do they really know? In the next couple of hours, most of my close friends and family had seen and touched the stick to confirm. Never mind that the pee hadn’t dried as yet. My phone was busy for hours. I made sure to make it big news. After all, News is only hot when New, right?

This is how I found out I was pregnant. At a time when I had given up TTC. My miracle came knocking. I managed to carry my pregnancy to term without major mishaps save for a huge appetite. I now have a gorgeous baby girl, four months old, named Pearl.

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