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Gaboon Viper Bitis Gabonica About Animals

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Lovingheartdesigns - Gaboon viper bitis gabonica about animals. East african gaboon viper b g gabonica the east african gaboon viper is another subspecies that is particularly native to the coastal strip of the gulf of guinea, congo basin, great lakes of zambia, covering the eastern stretch of central african republic and extending till the south of sudan central, eastern and southern africa. Gaboon viper. Gaboon vipers are venomous snakes native to africa they are the largest african viper species, and as an added bonus, the also have the longest fangs! they use those two inch fangs to inject enough venom to kill a slew of adult men thankfully, gaboon vipers do not bite humans very frequently read on to learn about the gaboon viper. Gaboon viper smithsonian's national zoo. The gaboon viper is the largest viper in africa its coloration and broad head, which mimics a fallen leaf, camouflages it among leaf litter on the forest floor though venomous, this snake has a calm nature and rarely bites humans. Gaboon viper bitis gabonica reptiletalk net. The gaboon viper is a large bodied viper species it is the largest member of the genus bitis and it has the longest fangs, up to 0 05 meters 0 16 feet in length the color pattern consists of a series of pale, sub rectangular blotches running down the center of the back, interspaced with dark, yellow edged hourglass markings. Los angeles zoo and botanical gardens viper, gaboon. A gaboon viper will lie perfectly still on the forest floor, camouflaged beneath the leaf litter when prey crosses its path, the viper will quickly strike after biting its prey and injecting it with venom, the viper will hold on until the prey dies, at which point it consumes the animal whole. Top 10 gaboon viper facts petlife. The gaboon viper has two different subspecies, which are the east african gaboon viper bitis g gabonica and the west african gaboon viper bitis g rhinoceros the east african gaboon viper is identified by their two small nasal horns, and the two dark triangles beneath each eye. Bitis gabonica gaboon adder. Gaboon vipers can directly harm humans if disturbed but they are not generally aggressive if left alone when disturbed, gaboon vipers will either sound a loud hiss or deliver a venomous bite many humans have died from gaboon viper bites survivors have often had to have affected limbs amputated. Gaboon viper species profile, interesting facts pictures. Gaboon viper predators some animals can kill and eat gaboon vipers monitor lizards and some species of bird specifically secretary birds, which can grow taller than 4 feet can prey on juvenile gaboon vipers there isn't any animal that's prepared to attack a fully grown gaboon viper, for the simple reason that they're too dangerous. Rattlesnake vs gaboon viper animals. There are at least 33 species of rattlesnakes most are of the genus crotalus, although three are of the genus sistrurus they are members of the family viperidae and the subfamily crotalinae the pit vipers the gaboon viper, bitis gabonica, is a single species only, divided into two subspecies it's also a. Gaboon viper wikipedia. The gaboon viper bitis gabonica is a viper species found in the rainforests and savannas of sub saharan africa like all vipers, it is is the largest member of the genus bitis, and it has the longest fangs up to 2 inches in length 5 cm and the highest venom yield of any snake no subspecies are currently recognized.

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Gaboon Viper Bitis Gabonica About Animals

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